Meet the 2021 selected startups: Electron

Launch and operate distributed energy marketplaces

Electron’s software enables distributed system operators to create new markets for curtailment, peak shaving and load shaping to facilitate a more resilient, cost-efficient Net Zero.

Electron is a London-based energy technology company, facilitating market-based interactions between distributed energy resources and network utilities, regional suppliers and local authorities.

Our customers are connecting thousands of variable wind and solar generators to their local networks, along with 100,000s electric vehicles, batteries & smart devices etc. As a result, they are coming under increasing regulatory, consumer and cost pressures to optimize how, when and where renewable generation is produced and consumed across a finite network capacity. However, as yet no standard, configurable platform exists to enable price-signalled communication with these distributed assets.

Electron is developing this multi-market platform. Our software, ElectronConnect, enables users to create, operate and participate in multiple network optimization markets, such as those for curtailment mitigation, peak shaving and load shaping.

We developed our IP through 9 network optimization projects, partnering with 20 leading utilities, and are now active in the UK, Canada and California. We joined Free Electrons to work with new network utilities looking to launch new distributed marketplaces and, in doing so, set the standard for this approach to managing distributed grids.



We are thrilled to have been selected to join the Free Electrons 2021 programme and partner with some of the leading utilities and grid-tech start-ups to drive market-based efficiencies in distributed, decarbonising grids.
Jo-Jo Hubbard – CEO & Co-Founder Electron



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