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Meet the Top 15 Startups Advancing to Free Electrons 2024 Master Module

Excitement is in the air at Free Electrons as we announce the top 15 startups moving forward to the 2024 Master Module. This year’s selection process was more competitive than ever, reflecting the incredible talent and innovative solutions our participants brought to the table during our Bootcamp in Madrid.  

The Journey So Far 
After the Online Pitch, 29 outstanding startups were selected to be at our Bootcamp, where they had the opportunity to match their innovative solutions with the utilities’ challenges. In three action-packed days, startups demonstrated their potential to accelerate the energy transition, setting the stage for pilot projects and collaborations that could redefine the sector’s landscape and cement their place in the Top 15.   

Introducing the Top 15 
So let’s meet the 15 startups joining us at the Master Module. These teams have shown exceptional innovation in their approach and a strong potential for collaboration and scalability, aligning perfectly with our mission to foster groundbreaking energy solutions.  

Allye Energy | United Kingdom
Provides distributed energy storage solutions using smart batteries to accelerate decarbonization and lower energy costs by up to 50%. Their Max, a 320kWh BESS using repurposed EV batteries, is cheaper and lower in CO2 than other ESS. It features mixed lithium-ion chemistry for greater life and performance and independent pack control for dual bi-directional capability.

Advanced Infrastructure | United Kingdom
An advanced geospatial software for strategic infrastructure planning, facilitating a transition to a net-zero future. By modeling building and occupier-level energy demand linked to networks, it enables data-driven decision-making. Clients like National Grid and Scottish Southern Energy Networks benefit from its grid optimization capabilities, distinguishing it from traditional consultancies.

Axle Energy | United Kingdom
Axle Energy aims to decarbonize the grid by enabling energy utilities to monetize demand flexibility from consumer assets like heat pumps and electric vehicle chargers. Their platform unlocks financial value, mitigates risk, and balances the grid by shifting consumption. Using AI for optimization, Axle stands out with automated and scalable solutions, attracting innovative utilities seeking grid decarbonization and enhanced customer propositions.

Energy Robotics | Germany
Energy Robotics offers an End2End Solution for Industrial Inspection with autonomous robots. These robots cut costs and improve inspection quality in energy, chemical, and oil & gas industries. They perform autonomous inspections and emergency interventions, reducing costs. 

Enjoyelec Tech | China
Enyoyelc offers sustainable energy digital services with advanced AI technologies. They optimize energy resources for Virtual Power Plants, Home Energy Management, and EV Charging, focusing on performance, cost reduction, and BESS health and safety. Their unique solution focuses on performance improvement, cost reduction, and BESS health estimation and safety security, making them a valuable partner for energy utilities looking to enhance their clean energy offerings. 

GridWrap | United States
A cleantech company in San Diego, pioneers grid infrastructure with patented Composite Wire Wrap and Pole Wrap technologies. These advancements double power transmission capacity, vital for achieving safe and reliable 100% renewable energy goals. GridWrap’s PoleWrap technology fortifies utility poles, improving grid reliability during extreme weather and offering cost-effective fire resistance.

Kestrix | United Kingdom
A climate tech startup, uses mass thermal image capture and AI to help building operators detect heat loss, identify retrofit opportunities, and support net zero strategies. Their SaaS platform combines drone-collected thermal imagery with machine learning to map heat loss and create retrofit plans for thousands of buildings quickly. 

Mixergy | United Kingdom
Mixergy offers a smart connected hot water solution to improve energy efficiency, enhance grid stability, and future-proof homes for renewable technologies. Their modular IoT-enabled water heaters optimize energy usage, provide grid services, and integrate seamlessly with renewables. With partnerships with utilities like Centrica and EDP, Mixergy reduces hot water bills, creates new revenue streams, and drives the low carbon transition.

MOOST |  Switzerland
Hyper-personalized energy assistants for Home Energy Management. Their software detects energy wastage, providing actionable solutions akin to Spotify’s music recommender system. Unique for not needing extra hardware or software, MOOST is in the seed stage. Targeting Home Energy Management System companies, demand response solution providers, and energy retailers, they aim to scale energy efficiency solutions.

Over Easy Solar | Norway
Developed a Vertical Photovoltaic (VPV) Unit to streamline flat roof solar installations. This prefabricated rack system is ten times faster, maximizes energy output, is maintenance-friendly, and eliminates heavy ballast, compatible with various roofs. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation makes them an attractive partner for energy utilities.

Pix Force | Brazil
Specialized in machine and deep learning algorithms for image processing and with over 110 professionals, the company provides innovative computer vision solutions for sectors like forestry, mining, electricity, highways, and oil and gas. Pix Force automates inspections and uses visual AI algorithms to monitor assets like transmission lines and photovoltaic plants using drones with cameras and thermographic sensors.

QEA Tech | Canada
QEA Tech conducts building envelope energy audits using drones, thermography, and AI software to assess energy loss and greenhouse gas emissions per building component. Their solution provides remediation costs, upgrade expenses, and projected ROIs for retrofit projects, aiding decarbonization efforts. Utilizing drones for non-invasive inspections and AI for accurate energy loss quantification, QEA Tech stands out in sustainability and innovation.

Reblade | Denmark
Reblade uses automated drones for wind turbine blade repairs, cutting downtime by 90%. Their patented drone offers faster, safer, and more cost-effective maintenance than traditional methods. With €1.3 million in funding and paying users, Reblade is in a seed round, presenting a compelling opportunity for energy utilities to optimize operations and reduce costs in the renewable energy sector.

reLi Energy | Germany
Specialized in energy storage system optimization. Their battery management system aims to prolong battery life, cut energy expenses, and reduce CO2 emissions. By utilizing real-time monitoring and advanced algorithms, reLi extends battery life by 35% and increases profits by 70%. Their approach emphasizes long-term benefits, making them an attractive partner for forward-thinking energy utilities.

Tepeo | United Kingdom
Tepeo introduces a Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB) technology, replacing conventional gas or oil boilers. The ZEB employs electricity for charging ultra-high density thermal storage, optimizing costs and emissions. This innovation targets decarbonizing domestic heating, offering homeowners a low-cost, low-carbon alternative.  

What’s Next?
The Master Module is designed to power collaboration and breakthroughs. Startups will work closer to leading utilities, gaining invaluable insights and forging strategic partnerships. This stage is tailored to help refine their pitches and enhance business models and solutions to answer the energy transition’s concrete challenges.

Congratulations to all the startups moving forward! Your journey with Free Electrons 2024 is just beginning, and we can’t wait to create the future of energy with you.

To the startups that will not be attending the Master Module, its not over, some of you will still go on to work with our utility partners outside of the program and all of you will be considered part of the Free Electrons ecosystem. We look forward to seeing what you do next!

Igniting Innovation: Recap of the Free Electrons Bootcamp in Madrid

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