Meet the 2021 selected startups: DABBEL

DABBEL – The AI Boost for your Building

How Artificial Intelligence is influencing the commercial real estate industry while combating climate change and saving energy with a simple software solution.

DABBEL began in 2016 with an investigation and the development of an AI-based and sustainable product. DABBEL was founded in 2018 with a first prototype after various tests. The strategic goal is to improve building automation while lowering costs and reducing CO2 emissions and energy waste.

The mission of actively fighting climate change through the development of the most scalable, cost-effective, and sustainable software that makes buildings energy efficient, improves people’s well-being, and decreases energy costs.


Building automation systems (BMS) are currently operated manually. Buildings generate over 20,000 variables each minute. Because of the large number of variables, building managers are often unable to manage the space efficiently while completing other important tasks. Seventy percent of the variables are ignored.

As a result, up to 40% of energy is wasted, resulting in needless CO2 emissions and contributing to an unhealthy indoor environment within the building. This is when the DABBEL software takes place.

The solution

DABBEL AI is an add-on software that replaces manual control of the current Building Management System with Artificial Intelligence that self-operates the energy systems autonomously and in real-time.

The AI software solution provides Model Predictive Control (MPC), which enables the software to forecast future scenarios. The existing parameters, as well as hundreds of factors such as thermal insulation, CO2 concentration, humidity and solar radiation are taken for the analysis.

The DABBEL AI saves up to 40% of the HVAC energy costs and CO2 emissions

Because there is no need to install any additional hardware due to the pure software approach, DABBEL can avoid charging any upfront costs. The software is implemented remotely in a couple of days, and the results can be verified within a month after the control’s start.

DABBEL worldwide

Our software is in use all over the world and has made a major contribution to lowering energy consumption and CO2 emissions in nations such as Australia, the United States, and Switzerland, as well as to providing a better atmosphere for people at their jobs. E.ON, Gelsenwasser AG, VINCI Facilities, Commerzbank, and BECA are some of our clients.




Free Electrons – What a great journey. The collaboration up to here is based on a shared vision of transforming the planet into a greener place. We can grow faster and more professionally with the help of the Free Electrons Program. Our AI-based software solution is assisting commercial buildings in becoming greener, reducing energy waste, and lowering CO2-emissions.
Nico Hahn – Head of Business Development

Further information

By visiting our website at And we can always be found on popular networks such as LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, Twitter, XING and Instagram.


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