Meet the 2021 selected startups: Camus Energy

Real-time insight, orchestration and markets for zero-carbon electric grids

Camus Energy provides grid management software as a service to utilities and energy asset managers to enable deep decarbonization of electricity from both the supply and demand side.

Camus Energy is building an open source software platform to enable the future Distribution System Operator (DSO). Providing grid operators and load serving entities with advanced situational awareness, insight, and control, Camus’ platform empowers industry leaders to safely and strategically manage a rapidly changing grid environment.

Providing our solution through a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, we are experts in building system architecture that is scalable and resilient to the unknowns in weather extremes, cyber attacks, and energy market volatility. We achieve this by working with customers and partners to integrate coordinated control across a range of devices, from utility-controlled generation and storage to third-party IoT devices.

Camus’ founders and partners leverage experience from other industries – including the founders’ pioneering work building Google’s global high-reliability computing platform – to provide high-performance, low-complexity management for the distribution grid.

We deploy grid management software that incorporates the innovations pioneered in the tech industry to develop highly-reliable, secure, and scalable systems composed of complex and unreliable parts. We accelerate decarbonization and make transformational changes possible for electric grids.


Grid Visibility : Camus Energy at VERGE Electrify May 2021.


Supporting Local Grid Transition with Smart Grid Technology. Presented to the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission and guests on 2021-03-24.


Grid management as a service can fundamentally alter the business model for utilities to shift procurement of services towards local resources, enabling a DSO model.
Astrid Atkinson, Co-founder & CEO of Camus Energy



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