Get to know the winner of the 2023 edition: Granular Energy

We sat down with Granular Energy, a pioneering clean energy management solutions provider, to talk about their experience with Free Electrons. A discussion that revolved around how Free Electrons served as a catalyst for evolution, connecting them with some of the world’s largest utilities.

Stay tuned for the full story, where Granular Energy unveils the journey behind their success, showcasing the transformative power of collaboration and innovation fostered by Free Electrons.

Don’t miss this exclusive insight into the future of clean energy!

Q1: Can you provide an overview of Granular Energy and its primary focus in the climate tech sector?

A1: Granular Energy is a fast-growing climate tech startup that specialises in clean energy management solutions for electricity utilities, suppliers, traders and brokers worldwide. We support the delivery of next generation green electricity offers, enabling customers to choose renewables over fossil fuels and accelerate grid decarbonization.

Q2: Could you elaborate on how Granular Energy’s software facilitates the management and trading of clean energy?

A2: Granular Energy provides software to manage and trade clean energy. Already used by major energy providers in 6 countries, our platform provides utilities with an end-to-end energy certificate management platform that streamlines existing processes while enabling a seamless transition to 24/7 green offers based on hourly matching.

Q3: How do you tailor your software platform to meet the diverse needs of utilities, and how does your cross-functional approach address their various challenges, from energy trading to new product innovation?

A3: Utilities are Granular Energy’s core customer and our software platform is built with their unique needs and goals in mind. Our solution provides value for multiple business units – from energy trading and regulatory compliance to corporate accounts and new product innovation – so we take a cross-functional approach to challenges, and are accustomed to working through utility pilot and procurement processes. By working with utilities that serve large and varied markets, we can have a real impact.

Q4: Could you share more about your experience with Free Electrons and how their collaboration with major utilities has influenced Granular Energy’s strategies, especially regarding speed and relevance in the industry?

A4: Free Electrons has given Granular Energy direct access to 7 of the world’s largest utilities – all of whom understand how to effectively work with startups. The Innovation Teams know that speed is everything for a fast-growing company, and have helped us identify the most relevant business units for our solution, provided insight into key milestones and organizational goals, and given us feedback on how to make our product and pitch even more impactful.

Q5: Can you provide more details about your ongoing pilots with utilities, the impact they’re making in streamlining energy certificate management, and the potential long-term collaborations you aim to establish?

A5: Free Electrons has already been a great success for Granular Energy. We have pilots underway with 3 of the participating utilities, and are actively scoping pilots with 3 others. Through these pilots, we are helping the utilities to streamline their current energy certificate management processes, provide valuable transparency to their consumers, and design innovative new green electricity offers to bring to market. We hope to extend these pilots into long term contracts and partnerships.

Q6: One last quote?

A6: “One of the most effective things anyone can do to reduce their carbon footprint is to purchase energy from carbon-free sources. We’re helping energy utilities create more transparent offers for their customers to make it easier than ever to make the switch to clean energy.”Granular Energy’s Journey with Free Electrons Unveiled!

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