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Free Electrons 2021 has elected this edition’s winners

At the end of each edition, Free Electrons traditionally announces two awards: the winner startup and the Shin Akimoto individual award. This is always an exhilarating moment, and this year’s Grand Finale was no exception:

Free Electrons 2021 Winner

We’re thrilled to announce the winner of this year’s edition and $200,000 USD reward: KelTech IoT.

The Irish startup founded in 2019 provides smart solutions for the communications infrastructure and property technology market. Their Dual Distributed Network (DDN) solution optimises the deployment of communication networks by combining electricity and fibre in an ‘all-digital’ solution using Digital Electricity.

Congratulations for the FE21 award and for KelTech IoT’s great performance during the whole program.

Shin Akimoto Winner

“The Akimoto Award for Excellence in Fostering Innovation” has been awarded by Free Electrons since 2017. It intends to honor the memory of Mr Shin Akimoto, whose passion and commitment to Free Electrons and its members was unsurpassed.

This is a recognition of the individuals who strive to foster and cultivate new ideas through encouraging and inspiring those around them.
This year, Puneet Jaggi from the startup Prescinto is awarded with the Shin Akimoto award.

Congratulations Puneet! For the commitment, involvement in the program and great personal contribution to innovation and collaboration.

All about the Akimoto Award at

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