Meet the 2021 selected startups: FSIGHT

Artificial intelligence software for distributed energy management

ENERGY AI, our software solution for the era of distributed energy markets, connects HW devices and metering systems, forecasts energy profiles, optimizes distributed energy resources and trades energy between peers and with the market.

The exponentially growing share of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as photovoltaic systems and batteries and the increased availability of smart meter data are completely changing the rules of the game.

FSIGHT’s AI technology platform is specifically built to take advantage of the new decentralized market and smart metering data to increase revenues and reduce costs. We unlock the full potential of DERs and manage flexibility.

ENERGY AI, our distributed energy management platform, connects to HW devices and metering systems, forecasts energy profiles, optimizes DERs and flexibility sources and trades energy btw. peers and with the market.

With our offerings we help energy companies to improve forecast accuracy by 20-40%, save imbalance costs of several € 100.000 per month, and boost DER performance to achieve an increased ROI of 10 – 20%.

Our AI and data analytics solutions help energy companies, hardware manufacturers and end customers to succeed in a renewable and distributed energy market.



WWe realized that one crucial component is missing in the energy transition: how to manage distributed energy resources in order to make the grid sustainable and allow the energy reseller and the end-user to save money and be greener. FSIGHT addresses the void of how you manage and optimize these resources across the board for the benefit of the end-user, the benefit of the utility, and the benefit for all stakeholders.
Emek Sadot, CEO FSIGHT



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