Meet the 2021 selected startups: Gridcognition

Modelling & Simulation of Complex Distributed Energy Projects

A new energy future is coming, ready or not.

Gridcognition is powerful software to technically simulate and commercially optimise complex distributed energy projects. These projects can span multiple markets, multiple sites, and multiple distributed energy technologies including solar, storage, electric vehicle charging, and load flexibility.

Over the next decades, the world needs to replace tens-of-trillions-of-dollars worth of energy and transport infrastructure linked to fossil fuel supply chains. The majority of the replacement infrastructure will be in smaller, smarter assets distributed throughout the built environment: a shift from big dumb machines to small smart machines.

The projects to deploy these assets are complex to plan and invest in because they sit at the intersection of:

  • Customer facilities, loads, and embedded generation
  • Electricity retail contracts and wholesale markets
  • Distribution network connections and access arrangements

Maximising the benefits of these projects requires co-optimisation, with consideration of site selection, asset sizing, control strategies, ownership models, network access arrangements, market participation options, and financing. Once assets are deployed, assuring the commercial and environmental benefits of these projects requires ongoing commercial tracking and re-optimisation.

Our customers are seeking more confidence in their investment decisions. By providing the evidence needed to make these projects ‘bankable’ we are accelerating decarbonisation and providing confidence to the leaders investing in the future decentralised energy system.



As well as solving a planning and optimisation problem for traditional energy providers, we help energy users and new players navigate the complex world of new energy.
FABIAN LE GAY BRERETON, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder



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