Free Electrons partners: Thank you innogy and welcome E.ON !

While innovating along with the top startups in the energy industry, Free Electrons utilities are also walking the path of change. We welcome E.ON as a new partner to the consortium.

After the by far most significant takeover in modern German history, new E.ON is now one of Europe’s largest energy companies, combining the strengths of former innogy with the capabilities of E.ON.

By this, the new E.ON is one of the largest operators of electricity grids and operator of the second-largest electric vehicle charging infrastructure network on the continent. E.ON’s activities now focus on 16 European countries, where the company actively shapes a clean, digital, and decentralized world of energy. Headquartered in Essen, Germany, it focuses on energy networks and customer solutions, reaching around 50 million customers with its electricity, gas, digital products and solutions for electric mobility, energy efficiency and climate protection.

The numbers speak for themselves: E.ON manages around 1,409.000 km of energy network, along with 149,000 km of gas network and also looks after about 9,000 km of water network. Operating such a large business and ensuring reliable and efficient operations for the customers are made possible by E.ON’s more than 75,000 employees who develop state of the art products and solutions for private, commercial and industrial customers,  as well as cities and municipalities.

Being one of the utility partners of Free Electrons, it goes without saying that E.ON’s commitment to innovation is part of the companies’ DNA: to drive the energy transformation towards a connected and sustainable world is a major part of the company’s strategy.

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