Meet the 2021 selected startups: gridX

gridX – Building the digital infrastructure for the energy transition

gridX is a leading smart grid company founded by Andreas Booke and David Balansiefen with offices in Munich and Aachen. The company’s digital energy platform, XENON, provides scalable infrastructure to connect and control distributed energy resources. gridX uses edge and cloud services to develop digital solutions for smart charging and energy management to make renewable energy accessible to all, independent of manufacturers. These solutions dynamically distribute available energy, intelligently optimize charging processes and ensure that peak loads are avoided. Companies such as E.ON, Viessmann and DHL are already using customized solutions developed together with gridX.

gridX provides companies with a digital, flexible and scalable energy platform, XENON, to connect and control distributed energy resources (DERs). The platform consists of an IoT gateway as well as edge and cloud services that facilitate manufacturer independent applications.

With XENON, gridX enables partners and customers to provide solutions for the intelligent energy infrastructure of electric vehicles and energy management systems for homes and districts. Moreover, the technology enables virtual power plants and the operation of smart energy districts. Thanks to the modular architecture all solutions can be extended, combined and white labeled to match the customer’s needs.

XENON makes it easier than ever to prototype, build and scale applications for energy management. With the platform approach companies are able to react fast to the decentralized and digitized changes in the energy market. Energy companies can integrate new business models – efficiently, cost effectively and customer oriented. Due to the modular architecture of the platform, customized solutions for a broad range of use cases can be realized.

With the flexible and scalable XENON platform as a service gridX helps building smart energy solutions and thereby supports and accelerates the transition to a sustainable energy system.




Revenue is not our primary KPI. Instead, we focus on impact: How much energy did we save? By how much have we reduced carbon emissions?
David Balensiefen, CEO, gridX



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