Fueling Innovation: Introducing the Free Electrons 2023 Finalists

The energy landscape is evolving, and so are the groundbreaking solutions emerging from the Free Electrons startup program. Meet the inspiring startups that have captured our attention and are set to revolutionize the energy sector with their innovative ideas and technologies.

3DK Tech: Guiding the Future of Manufacturing

3DK Tech envisions an efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing future, leveraging cutting-edge 3D printing solutions. With technology that’s up to 75% faster and boasts superior fatigue life, they’re redefining the industry standard. Say goodbye to lengthy heat treatment processes without compromising product quality.

BladeBUG: Elevating Wind Turbine Inspection

BladeBUG is rewriting the narrative of wind turbine maintenance with their advanced robots. Designed to assist technicians in turbine blade inspection and repair without rope access, BladeBUG reduces downtime and enhances efficiency in turbine maintenance. Their Crawler robot offers remote operation and easy scalability.

Coolplanet: Navigating Sustainability with Data

Coolplanet’s real-time analytics software empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions for sustainable practices. From energy expenditure to carbon footprint reduction, their platform enables comprehensive insights and reporting. Additionally, their consulting and execution services guide businesses toward an eco-friendly future.

FlexCharging: Greening EV Charging

FlexCharging is leading the charge toward greener electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. By optimizing charging during low-demand, high-renewable energy periods, they contribute to a balanced and more sustainable energy grid. With no additional hardware required, their technology seamlessly communicates with compatible EVs.

Granular Energy: Transforming Clean Energy Offers

Granular Energy is redefining clean energy offerings through software and consulting solutions. Their platform empowers utilities, energy retailers, and brokers to streamline clean energy programs while offering end-to-end energy certificate management. Join their journey of clean energy transformation.

Grid Share: Sharing the Energy Load

Grid Share stands at the crossroads of energy and computing, pioneering energy services through data centers. By switching power quickly to the grid, they enhance energy system flexibility, vital for the growth of renewable energy sources. Discover how they’re driving the transformation toward a more sustainable energy future.

Mobilyze: Pioneering EV Charging Strategy

Mobilyze offers invaluable location intelligence for EV charging networks. Their platform enables accurate site evaluation, optimization of existing networks, and identification of suitable charging locations. With Mobilyze, planning and implementing strategic EV charging networks becomes a seamless process.

Moduly: Empowering Energy Consumption Control

Moduly introduces a user-friendly solution to energy consumption management. With smart home compatibility and scalable batteries, Moduly’s technology provides control at your fingertips. From self-installation to mobile app integration, their system simplifies energy consumption control for homeowners.

Naked Energy: Unleashing the Power of Solar Heat

Naked Energy’s Virtu technology introduces a game-changing category of solar solutions. Delivering more energy in less space, with up to 3.5 times the carbon savings compared to PV, Virtu is a versatile solution for various sectors, from hospitals to manufacturing, all contributing to a more sustainable future.

Neara: Empowering Asset Management with AI

Neara’s platform revolutionizes asset management using physics-enabled models and AI. From asset validation to system-wide vegetation management, their technology provides actionable insights for optimized operations. Unlock the potential of your assets with Neara’s innovative approach.

Prime 19: Simplifying Home Retrofit

Prime 19’s platform offers homeowners tailored advice for energy-efficient retrofits. By condensing complex data into simple recommendations, they guide homeowners toward cost-effective upgrades. With their platform, energy-efficient living becomes accessible and achievable.

Prisma Photonics: Advancing Fiber Sensing Technology

Prisma Photonics pioneers fiber sensing technology for critical infrastructure monitoring. By leveraging existing optical fiber, their solutions provide real-time insights using AI and machine learning. Detecting and classifying events with precision, Prisma Photonics ensures operational reliability.

Rondo: Revolutionizing Heat Storage

Rondo’s Heat Battery harnesses electrical heaters to store and deliver high-temperature heat. With its modular and scalable design, it integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure, offering a drop-in, zero-emission solution. Experience a new era of heat storage with Rondo’s innovative approach.

Salient Predictions: Decoding Seasonal Weather

Salient Predictions uses AI-powered deep neural networks to predict seasonal weather patterns. By focusing on ocean and land-surface conditions, they offer insights beyond conventional forecasting methods. Unlock the power of predictive climate modeling with Salient Predictions.

VoltStorage: Powering the Energy Transition

VoltStorage’s redox flow storage technology offers eco-friendly and scalable energy storage solutions. With a focus on raw materials availability and sustainability, their batteries enable optimal green energy storage and access. Join the energy transition with VoltStorage’s innovative approach.

Each of these startups brings a unique vision and technology to the table, paving the way for a more sustainable and innovative energy future. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into their journeys and the impact they’re set to make. Together, we’re energizing change and propelling the energy sector into a brighter tomorrow.

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