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Tips & Tricks: Collaboration is on!

Startups and utilities are about to enter the piloting phase, they will refine strategies, address obstacles and start working more closely together.

Here are some collaboration tips for startups which will assist with making the most out of collaboration time with utilities (during and outside of the program).

  • 1. Successful collaboration is 70% emotional and 30% rational

    Here’s the thing: really wanting to work together is crucial for success. So, do your best to hit it off. Let’s consider this the basics of your collaboration time together, since the emotional connection you’ll have with your partners is key to a successful working relationship, take the time to get to know each other on a more personal level!

  • 2. Learn about the ecosystem

    From local to global, get acquainted with the Utilities’ reality. Study the energy ecosystem you’re proposing to work with, so that collaboration flows the best way possible. And if you have any questions, ask them. There is always someone ready to enlighten you.

  • 3. Be adaptable

    How can your solution help specific challenges? Can it be adapted to several challenges Free Electrons is tackling? And with more than one Utility? In innovation, adapting is key.

  • 4. Talk to your peers

    You are not alone. You are surrounded by other startups. You have a connection and should keep sharing experiences (and pains!), so that you can grow together in the process. Each startup will design its own path, so it can be truly helpful to keep learning from each other.

  • 5. Cross- collaboration

    Besides talking and sharing, you can also collaborate with other startups. Joint solutions can come from joint efforts and, in the end, it’s all about collaborative innovation.

  • 6. Prepare your meetings

    The better you prepare your meetings with the Utilities the better this collaboration will work. Prepare each meeting with attention to detail. After all, each Utility has its own way of doing things.

  • 7. Having an open mind will be very helpful!

    Speaking of ways of doing things, you may be finding different working processes than you’re used to. Be open to different structures and to create new synergies to work together. In the end, try to take the best out of these learnings and share with the Utilities the best they can take from you.

  • 8. Go get them!

    Go out there and get them’ The Utilities! Talk with them. Take advantage of any channels you have built and grown over the years. Go after them if you have to, but don’t leave any chance behind. One rule: connect and talk!

  • 9. Go beyond the pilot.

    Think about going to maximum potential. This is not even going the extra mile, it’s understanding where your full potential can go with the partnerships you’ve developed throughout Free Electrons and beyond. Where can you go? What else can you do and deliver? What would be the ultimate collaboration?

This is why this program was created. To maximize partnerships and synergies, to foster innovation, to go beyond the obvious and disrupt the energy sector. Again, you should take the most out of it, anytime.

Get Collaborative!

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