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Tips & Tricks: 1:1 meetings & filming.

Meeting screen to screen: be prepared.

The Free Electrons 2021 Bootcamp is arriving and, with it, several 1:1 meetings between the utilities and the selected startups.

For you, startups, that are about to meet with your dream utility or will need to record the perfect pitch for the future, here a few tips that can help:

  1. If you are having a meeting, make sure you follow the agenda. It will make it more productive:
    • 5 Minutes – Utilities
      • Introduction of team present on the call, overview of the organisation & key priorities
    • 10 Minutes – Startups
      • Introduction of the team
      • Problem being solved for
      • What differentiate your solution from existing offerings
      • What do you do really well, within all the things you do
      • Business model & target customer groups
      • Ideal pilot description
      • Why do you want to work with this Utility
      • What do you hope to get from the Free Electrons program
    • 15 Minutes: Questions & Answers

In all circumstances:

  1. Keep the room well-lit. However, try not to have your camera facing the light, whether natural or artificial.
  2. Just one member of the team attending the meeting? Try to use headphones. It will allow you to hear better and your voice will sound more clear.
  3. Several team members attending the meeting? That is amazing. So, please try to have everybody on camera.
  4. If you need to show a presentation, you can share your screen.
  5. Cut any noise in the background, always. A quiet room will allow you to have a stress-free meeting.
  6. If you are not speaking, mute your microphone. Also, try to have just one person speaking at a time. The good old “wait for your turn” is also valid here.
  7. Speak slowly and clearly. Technology is awesome but it may still need some care.

Doing interviews or shooting some quality time? Using more professional gear than a webcam?

Let us ask for some minor details:

  1. If you could have your recording in Full HD (1920×1080), it would be awesome.
  2. Same for the format, 16:9.
  3. If possible, have your interviews done with a lavalier microphone and use a tripod. Result: a clear sound and a stable shooting. Awesome.
  4. Some diverse b-roll would be amazing. If you have the time, film some of your surroundings. Some extra images that will allow others to see how you’re living the experience, and the people that make part of it.

Want to have these tips at hand all the time? Download them in a PDF file:

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