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Preview Module 2: Silicon Valley

After the Bootcamp in Lisbon, the Module 1 in Sidney/Melbourne, where we kick-off 15 pilots between the startups and the utilities, it’s time for the Module 2 in Silicon Valley. A Module mainly focused on growth and learning.

This is the Module for both startups and utilities to speak face to face after the first pilot – that ran in parallel after Australia – and also start other pilots. So far startups could only have one pilot, now they’ll have the opportunity to work with more utilities.

Besides that, this is a Module of learning because the utilities can speak with each other about the startups, ask how it is to work with them, what to expect and get a deeper knowledge of them before start working with them. The startups will have the same privilege, they’ll be able to speak with other startups that had previously worked with a certain utility and ask them for tips. This will make the next pilots easier since everybody already shared knowledge and know each other.

Also, on the fourth day, on June 28, in San Francisco, there’s an event named Level-Up Energy Innovation. Attendees will get to know the startups and their cutting-edge solutions in the Energy field and how close collaboration with Utilities is enabling energy platforms for the future. It’s an excellent opportunity to network with the Free Electrons founders, investors, corporate strategists and media.

Utilities and startups will also have a Keynote with Kian Gohar, Innovation Expert & Impact Entrepreneur and Executive Director, XPRIZE & Singularity U.

Hope San Francisco is ready for the energy of all our startups and utilities.

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